Ease Your Mind, Feed Your Soul

Below are my five reading recommendations: Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life by Shelley PaxtonFormer Harley-Davidson executive (and PIVOT panelist) Shelley Paxton’s journey from being a burnt out marketing executive to “Chief Soul Officer” of her own life. It’s part memoir, part Sunday morning service, and ALL crucial to taking control… Continue reading Ease Your Mind, Feed Your Soul

Find Your Place of Grace

When asked, what would you promise to do with an extra hour in your day? Maybe you would promise to finish your business plan, take an online course, or accomplish any of the productive things that competed for your free time with girls’ night outs, coffee dates, concerts. Well, now “The Rona” is here, all… Continue reading Find Your Place of Grace

The New Power Move

We think about making a “Power Move” as taking on more — a bigger title, more responsibility, more money, more authority. More. You know what I mean like corporate takeovers in boardrooms when one company makes a move to take over another. Or in politics where politicians and political parties work to out maneuver their… Continue reading The New Power Move

The Universe Will Move to Meet You

Take the first step and the universe will move to meet you. Most of us have fallen victim to that little voice in our heads that says, “I could never do that. It’s too unrealistic.” Or how about this self-sabotage classic?: “If it was viable, someone would’ve done it already.” Or this one?: “A lot… Continue reading The Universe Will Move to Meet You

It’s Not a Competence Issue, It’s a Confidence Issue

It’s not a competence issue, it’s a confidence issue. In my early 30s, I worked as regional vice president for government and public affairs for a rail carrier. I found out that I wasn’t the “type” of employee the CEO was used to dealing with. I was assigned to accompany him on a junket to… Continue reading It’s Not a Competence Issue, It’s a Confidence Issue

Bloom Where You Are

Thriving in toxic work environments. Walking away from a job, even one that doesn’t fulfill you, is never easy. Not even when it’s a toxic work environment. I’m not talking about a micromanaging boss, or gossipy coworkers—I’m talking gut-wrenching toxicity. An environment that perpetually calls on you to sacrifice your joy, sleep, inner peace, even… Continue reading Bloom Where You Are

Who’s in Your Power Pack?

Relationships past their expiration date are never pretty. I found this out in my late 20s when I ended a relationship with a woman I met in college. We came of age together and bonded over our love of music, fashion and Italy. I remember us twirling around campus one night dressed up like Madonna… Continue reading Who’s in Your Power Pack?

Be the Boss of You

The biggest Boss Move I ever made in my career nearly cost me my dream job. I was 32 years old and it was the dot-com era. All around me, I saw white men in their 20s being promoted to VP level or higher. I made up my mind that I was going to be… Continue reading Be the Boss of You

The Gift of Grace

Hi there and happy holidays!  It’s the season of giving, and I have the perfect gift for you to give yourself. It’s grace – self-love in action. Good one, right? I asked my dear friend Kalli Kerr, psychotherapist and women’s leadership expert, to share some ways you can do just that. I’ve created this Take a… Continue reading The Gift of Grace

Gain Confidence And A Game Plan

Real Like Me is all about you and your potential. You just need confidence and a game plan to succeed. Let us inspire you with stories about real women and give you a platform to inspire other women with your story. You can learn from our expert-led webinars and create your plan for success with a RLM-certified coach.… Continue reading Gain Confidence And A Game Plan