You Don’t Achieve Your Goals, You Grow Into Them.

POOF! Just like that. Our goals and the motivation that support them seem to magically disappear often not long after setting them. What’s that about? Well, sometimes we don’t set the right goals. Sometimes we don’t back up our goals with a plan. We rely on that wish-upon-a-star strategy. And then sometimes – which is… Continue reading You Don’t Achieve Your Goals, You Grow Into Them.

Delayed But Not Late

What if I could guarantee you that it is never EVER too late to live out your dreams no matter what? I’m serious. A 100% guarantee….period. Lean in for a minute. The answer is stunningly simple but absolutely foolproof. Stop placing the focus on the vehicle for your dreams over the vision of your dreams.… Continue reading Delayed But Not Late

10 Things You Should Unlearn

You know you’re capable of more. And you know that you’re holding yourself back. You spend more time in your head second guessing yourself than living out loud from the seat of your soul. But why? Why do we keep getting in our own way? I know you. I AM you. WE are going to… Continue reading 10 Things You Should Unlearn

My Biggest Life Accomplishment

Running for U.S. Senate is my biggest life accomplishment to date. On this day 11 years ago, I was heading to the polls to cast my vote for the primary election; I was on the ballot. Even though I didn’t advance beyond the primaries, that experience forced me to see my value, capabilities, worthiness, and… Continue reading My Biggest Life Accomplishment

This Has to Stop

How would it feel to be proud of your progress this time next year? Over the past few weeks, my team and I had the opportunity to converse with dozens of brilliant women. One of the things that truly stuck out to me was that so many of them have high degrees of accountability to… Continue reading This Has to Stop

Grow Then Go

Your growth is your responsibility. Are you strategically plotting your next career moves? Or are you waiting until the annual review to stay in the same position for yet another year and just a couple of extra dollars more?  I knew that my contributions to NPR were more valuable than the title that was assigned… Continue reading Grow Then Go

“Shoulds” vs. Soul

Get with yourself, by yourself, and do a soul check. Earlier this week, I launched my g2Coach Membership. It’s a live mentoring program where I walk closely with ambitious women that are seeking to develop confidence and a game plan to level up in their careers and fully walk in their brilliance. During my “CEO… Continue reading “Shoulds” vs. Soul

2020 Lessons and 2020 Blessings

Recently, a mentee called me in need of some inspiration and advice. I could hear it in her voice. She was soul exhausted from 2020 and anxious about what 2021 would bring. 2020 was traumatic. Full stop. But there were lessons that revealed hidden blessings that can help tee up 2021. Together, we counted them… Continue reading 2020 Lessons and 2020 Blessings

When Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off

If you want a new title, find a new team. There’s another pandemic sweeping our country in 2020, one that we don’t give enough voice to…women being held back in the workplace. Throughout my career, I have earned positions where I have been “the first,” and too often “the only,” in one male-dominated industry after… Continue reading When Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off

Grace to Heal

Black people are in pain. Full stop. This pain has passed from one generation to the next, born out of slavery, Jim Crow, and institutional racism that crushes souls and takes lives . The recent murder of George Floyd by police was a triggering event for this collective, generational pain. For my pain. In 2006,… Continue reading Grace to Heal