If you want a new title, find a new team.

There’s another pandemic sweeping our country in 2020, one that we don’t give enough voice to…women being held back in the workplace.

Throughout my career, I have earned positions where I have been “the first,” and too often “the only,” in one male-dominated industry after another. I observed something interesting. Men got rewarded and promoted for their hard work; women were held back for theirs. 

Washington runs on women. Movements are fueled by them. And corporations hum because of them. Smart, hardworking, effective, and loyal women.

They know your value. Yet they reward you with more work, not a promotion. Why?

Often women are seen as “too valuable” to be promoted for fear of losing their worker bees. Instead, they give you a little more money and a new title that’s more window-dressing than one that rockets your career.

Sis, it’s time for you to recognize the game. I’m here to tell you that if you want a new title, you need to find a new team. Realize your value, get clear about your transferable skills, and take your show on the road.

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