Get with yourself, by yourself, and do a soul check.

Earlier this week, I launched my g2Coach Membership. It’s a live mentoring program where I walk closely with ambitious women that are seeking to develop confidence and a game plan to level up in their careers and fully walk in their brilliance. During my “CEO Sessions” segment, we had a raw and real discussion about being proactive with our professional development. But before we could address any of the things typically associated with strategic planning, we had to do a gut check to make sure that our direction was 100% soul led.

As you make plans for your level up this year, I challenge you to ask yourself, “am I leading with my ‘shoulds’ or with my soul?”

Most times we think about “shoulds” as outside pressures and pleasing other people. Yet the biggest “shoulds” are in our minds, the things that we tell ourselves about what we think we should be doing.

One thing that I’ve learned: “Shoulds” will suck the life from your soul.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You can be successful with “shoulds,” but they don’t likely produce sustainable success or fulfillment long-term.

Phenomenal impact, however, occurs when you lead from the seat of your soul.

In this aligned place:

  • You’re operating in purpose
  • Flowing in your natural gifts and abilities
  • And choosing environments where you’re able to show up as your authentic self 

(For more on this, listen to Episode 1 of the Activate Podcast with Laura E. Holloway, “How to Pivot with Grit and Grace.”)

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