If you don’t have haters, you’re doing something wrong! However, it can be hard to turn your haters into your motivators, especially when their words are making you doubt yourself and your abilities. 

Sometimes, they can even become your demotivators by making you talk yourself out of doing what you need to do to build the life and career you want. If what people say about you is starting to get you down, it’s time to get reacquainted with yourself and remember who you are.

Here are 3 tips on being audacious despite your haters. 

#1: Be prepared, even if you aren’t ready

Although the difference between being prepared and being ready is subtle, they’re not the same.

Preparedness refers to doing everything you need to do before making your move, like sharpening your skills, learning any new skills you need for your next step and getting constructive feedback from others.

Being ready refers to feeling mentally and emotionally prepared to make your move. Now, feeling prepared is much more difficult than taking actionable steps to actually prepare; often, ambitious women are fully prepared but don’t feel ready, so they talk themselves out of moving forward and find themselves stuck in place.

Audacity requires you to take action even when you don’t feel ready. Trust yourself, reach for your goals and don’t let the haters and naysayers talk you out of going after what you want.

#2: See your haters as a focus group

Here’s the good thing about haters: They’re very loud! 

If you can learn to look past the way they hurt you and see their criticism objectively, you can learn quite a lot from what they’re saying. 

For example, if your haters say your leadership skills are lacking, turn their negativity into something positive by seeking out opportunities to improve your leadership skills and level up. 

As you work on the very things your haters criticize you for and improve your skills, you’ll realize their words never held much weight and you’re capable of proving them wrong time and time again.

#3: Rediscover your brilliance

So many women think they have to prove they’re worthy of what they want. 

How often have you watched men who are less capable than you and less qualified than you confidently reach for the stars while you held back and tried to convince yourself you’re worthy? 

I was the same way. I watched men in their 20s become VPs, until one day I was simply fed up with watching. I sent out an internal memo giving myself a new title while working for a national radio network in D.C. 

I’m not suggesting you do what I did, but I do want you to give yourself permission to go after what you want.

Trust me, you’re brilliant and well-deserving of what you want. Stand with confidence, give yourself recognition for your skills and talents, define what success looks like for you and go after it! 

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