Your growth is your responsibility.

Are you strategically plotting your next career moves? Or are you waiting until the annual review to stay in the same position for yet another year and just a couple of extra dollars more? 

I knew that my contributions to NPR were more valuable than the title that was assigned to me. That’s why I pressed ‘send’ on that global, company-wide email signaling my self-promotion, and announcing my new department with me as the head. It was a bold move that I don’t recommend you try today if you want to keep your job, but I use this example to remind you of the power of fully taking charge of your career. It was that boss up move that set me on track for vice presidency at the company, and that paved the way for a series of small, medium, and big pivots thereafter.

(For more on this, listen to Episode 35 of PIVOT Podcast with Dr. Malaika Turner.)

Do not be satisfied with being the loyal worker bee. You are a queen worthy of leadership.

Leveling up in your career requires that you first take charge of your next moves. While in your current position, consider what you want to do and where you want to go. Use your current job as a platform to build new skills for your next job. There will be transferable skills that you can take with you. But there is also knowledge to be gained from coaching, conferences, certifications, courses, and community-based platforms that will make the transition easier for you and increase your marketability when seeking your next role.

You can’t wait on your company to develop you. They will only develop you for who they need and want you to be for them. You need to take personal accountability for your growth and set goals for your professional development.

What will your next power move be? Grow, then go.

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