What if I could guarantee you that it is never EVER too late to live out your dreams no matter what? I’m serious. A 100% guarantee….period. Lean in for a minute.

The answer is stunningly simple but absolutely foolproof. Stop placing the focus on the vehicle for your dreams over the vision of your dreams. You know the vehicles. You have to be a certain age; you have to have a certain background or degree; you gotta know the right folk and be in the right circles, you have to be an EXPERT, have a certain amount of money. These are dream killers.

When we get prescriptive and decide that the vision we have for our lives can only be expressed in a certain way, we get stuck and abandon our dreams altogether. The truth is that there are an unlimited number of ways to manifest our dreams and because of that, it’s never too late if we remain open to the how.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon is a good, albeit a charming example of this. We all know the multi-billion dollar company he built but we knew much less about his dream to travel into space. The traditional pathway for space travel is to study astrophysics and become an astronaut. Well, life took Bezos down a different path as a finance executive in corporate America who would go on to launch Amazon. Here’s the thing. Jeff Bezos’ money couldn’t turn back the clock or give him astronaut credentials. But he did have other assets to help realize his dream of space travel. He used his resources and influence as the founder of Amazon and built an aircraft that would take him to space and manifest his dream.

You may not be 21 or have the right degrees or wealth but you have other assets and an infinite number of vehicles to reach your vision. You may get delayed but rest assured it’s always the right time to live out your dreams if you stay focused on the vision and open to the vehicle to take you there.

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